How to cook eggplants


The eggplant It is one of the most versatile vegetables in the kitchen, with varied and delicious possibilities that make it an excellent alternative as an entree, main course or side dish. It is also a very nutritious food, low in calories and rich in fiber, iron and antioxidants. Do you want to incorporate it into your diet but do not know how to prepare it? how to cook eggplants With the most delicious recipes to make this food.

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There is no doubt, the most popular way to cook eggplants is filling them with meat or tuna. The stuffed Eggplant It is a complete and nutritious option that serves as a first course, being ideal for the whole family, especially for those children who do not like to eat vegetables.

But the best thing about this recipe is that it is prepared quickly and that it is really delicious. Do you want to learn how to do it ?, we invite you to consult our articles how to make eggplants stuffed with meat and how to make eggplants stuffed with tuna so that you discover the step by step of this delicious option.


If you are looking cook eggplants To prepare a delicious entree, then there is no doubt that making them breaded is an excellent alternative. It is a perfect option to serve before dinner, accompanied by a good homemade tomato sauce. Check our recipe how to make battered eggplants and discover in a few minutes the preparation of this delicious dish.


Another perfect alternative to cook eggplants in a delicious way and serve an entree that will leave everyone sucking their fingers, it is with the Eggplant Napolitana. This recipe combines this vegetable with delicious Mediterranean ingredients such as tomatoes, anchovies and garlic to create a dish that will leave you sucking your fingers. Enjoy a video with the recipe step by step and discover how to make this dish.


Do you love the booklets or milanesas stuffed with ham and cheese, but you don't have meat on hand to prepare them? No problem! you can use this vegetable as an ally and cook some delicious sauteed eggplant booklets That will surprise everyone. It is a creative and very complete recipe to enjoy this vegetable in a different way, that's why we explain everything you need to do to prepare some eggplant booklets with sauteed tomatoes, great!


If you want cook eggplants in the best Greek style why not prepare a Musaka? It is an exquisite eggplant cake that in the recipe that we propose, 100% vegetarian, is stuffed with tofu, an alternative full of flavor. Discover how to make musaka stuffed with tofu by following the steps we give you in this link.

And if this tofu is not your thing, you can make a simple eggplant cake stuffed with ham and cheese, a traditional recipe perfect for adults and children. Discover how to prepare it in this article.


And to end with some good ways to cook eggplants, you can not miss one of the most typical recipes of Catalan cuisine: the scalded. It is a combination of eggplant, onion and red peppers made in the oven, which is an excellent companion for fish and meat. The best thing about this recipe is that you don't have to do much, just put the whole vegetables to bake and that's it! In our article how to make a scalded we explain in detail all the steps to prepare this dish.

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  • Incorporate eggplant into your diet, as it has an infinite number of beneficial properties.