How to make chicken with onions

Chicken is a very healthy meat that can be cooked in many ways, one of the easiest ways to cook the chicken is to do it with scallions. Without a doubt, a very easy dish to make that will surprise your guests.

Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 1 tender chicken
  • 400gr of onions
  • 100gr of bacon
  • 1 glass of dry sherry
  • A branch composed of herbs
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After cleaning the chicken chop it in a casserole with oil, fry the diced bacon.


Then put the chicken seasoned with salt and let it brown.


Then he sprayed the chicken with the sherry, add the compound branch and let it simmer.


On medium cooking, the onions are added to the chicken, which will previously have been passed through flour and fried.


Add a little water and let the chicken finish cooking.


Once cooked it is placed in the center of a bowl with its sauce and the onions are put around.


Can accompany the chicken with onions With some chips or baker.

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  • Chicken is a meat that is not very conserved, it is better that you do it the same day you buy it.