How to prepare iced tea

The iced tea it's a very drink refreshing, especially for the summer season although it can be taken throughout the year. It also retains all the benefits of tea such as the reduction of cholesterol, the diuretic effect that helps eliminate liquids and toxins or helping to combat the anxiety of eating. Although there are many trademarks of iced tea already prepared, it will be much richer if you prepare it yourself. You won't have to do more than follow the steps in this article on How to prepare iced tea.

30 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • Tea
  • Water (3 quarters of the usual)
  • Sugar
  • Ice
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Choose the variety of tea that you like the most, although we recommend that you use the softest ones, because the flavor of the tea is concentrated when cooled.


To prepare iced tea, you must use three quarters of the water necessary to make hot tea.


When you have made tea, add it sugar to your liking and remove it so that it falls apart.


Then, let it cool before putting it in the fridge.


When serving iced tea, add ice So it’s even colder.


You can also flavor it with lemon, mint or whatever you like best.

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