What are the types of herbs


The aromatic herbs In the kitchen they have the ability to turn our dishes into delicious delicacies, they are ideal to season the stews and enhance the flavor of any recipe we prepare. Likewise, it is possible to differentiate between plants aromatic fresh and dried, although all of them retain their medicinal properties and beneficial to the body. If you want to know what are the types of herbs, do not miss this article of.

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One of the aromatic herbs that is most used in Italian cuisine and for sauces such as pesto sauce, although the truth is that it can be used in almost all the pasta dishes we cook.

It is a type of herb that although we can use dry, it is perhaps when using it fresh when we can make better use of its pleasant flavor.


That can be used fresh or dried, to flavor broths, sauces and fish. Usually the leaves are removed before serving the dish.

It is perhaps one of the most common dried aromatic herbs and that you have probably had, or have at home, since it is essential for dishes such as good lentils for example.


The mint can be found from different species although the truth is that the most popular of all would be peppermint, and especially in oriental cuisine, as in kebab, and also perfectly accompanies chocolate and yogurt, as well as a dish as common in our gastronomy as is the soup.

It should be added that the expansion of the mint plant produces an oil that can be used for foods such as treats, shaving lotions, oral products, perfumes, etc.


Another aromatic herb although in this case it is a fresh one. It is very common in Mediterranean dishes and we can use it in all types of fish, baked for example, or for dishes as simple as a simple tortilla.

On the other hand it should be added that it has many vitamins, A, B1, B2, C and D and that it also has a medicinal use and in fact parsley is usually used for its diuretic properties.

If you have ever gone to the market to buy, it is sure that they have given it to you as it is very common and allows us to spice up our dishes so that they are much better.


In the same way as the aforementioned Basil, oregano is another aromatic herb that is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine and specifically in Italian cuisine, for all types of pasta dishes.

In infusion, oregano allows us to combat cough attacks, although this herb also has various medicinal properties, including antioxidant, antimicrobial and, in fairly primary studies, antitumor, antiseptic and is also considered tonic and digestive


The seeds are less spicy than the leaves, sweet and with a slight lemon flavor. Fresh leaves are used to flavor salads, rices and for decorating dishes. In many countries it is used as parsley, but above all we can find its presence in Mediterranean, Indian, Latin American, Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine.

The fruits of this aromatic herb are used dried and in fact in Indian cuisine it is one of the essential ingredients in curry making. It is used by grinding or crushing those fruits.


It is better to use it as dried aromatic herb since although some people cook with fresh rosemary, it should be noted that it usually leaves a rather bitter taste. It is a very appropriate aromatic herb for all types of roasted meats, lamb and fish.

In addition it also has medicinal properties and is in fact recommended for liver and digestive conditions.


Thyme is a herb similar to rosemary, in the kitchen it is usually used for all kinds of meats, soups and stews, in addition to being able to combine it in dishes such as baked chicken for example.

We can also find it used as a flavoring of oils and vinegars or for marinades or sauces.

It is called the antibiotic of the poor. It is recommended in infections of the respiratory tract, to calm the cough. And also stimulates hair circulation.

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