How to make aromatic oils for cooking

Do you want to discover the secret to improve the quality of any of your dishes? The aromatic oils! Incredibly easy recipes to prepare, even for beginner cooks. If you feel like testing your culinary skills, here are some recipes for sucking your fingers. So take note of how to make aromatic oils for cooking.

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Garlic oil

The first recipe we propose today is a classic kitchen: the aromatic oil garlic based. As easy as filling a jar with fully peeled garlic and cover them with a good jet of oil. Let macerate and use garlic or oil with any of your dishes.

Hot pepper oil

But if you prefer the spicy flavored oils, another very easy recipe to prepare is the oil with chillies. Only suitable for the bravest! To do this you will have to mix a few chillies with a bay leaf and a clove of peeled and crushed garlic. Let these ingredients stand for about 10 days before using it, taking into account that the longer the oil rests, the more flavor it will have.

Oregano oil

The recipes of aromatic oils They have no mystery, since basically we just have to add to the oil some ingredient that serves to give a special aroma and flavor. But don't forget to let the desired time macerate. And remember that the more time passes, the greater its aroma. The same happens with the Oregano oil, another classic of the kitchen, which is prepared by crushing fresh oregano and washed in a mortar, along with the olive oil until obtaining a paste to the taste of each chef.

Lemon oil

And as a final touch, the aromatic lemon oil For fish dishes. What you have to do is peel a lemon and keep the skin, which you should let stand in hot water, for a minute or so. Then you will have to add this lemon peel to the olive oil and leave everything in the water bath for a couple of hours. Remember to let stand until the next day, when you can use your oil.

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