How to make vanilla cappuccino


We are many lovers of good coffeeé We enjoyed every cup of this delicious drink. There are endless ways to prepare it and various elements that we can add to any coffee to add value. The cappuccino It is one of the most widespread ways of drinking coffee accompanied by milk and it is also possible to add a great diversity of flavors. Therefore, in we explain in detail how to make vanilla cappuccino

Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • Coffee express
  • Milk
  • Vanilla
  • A branch of vanilla or vanilla powder
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The first step to make a vanilla cappuccino will be prepare an espresso or coffee alone, as you usually prepare it at home. Today, some of the most common ways of making coffee are:

  • With Italian coffee maker
  • With espresso machine
  • With drip coffee maker
  • With Nespresso
  • With Dolce Gusto

Then you must heat the milk, and this will be the key element of every capuccino: get a relevant amount of foam from hot milk. In this way, you should put the milk in a saucepan and let it boil.


Once you have cooked the milk, you should pour it into the blender glass and beat her during a minute. In case you do not have this appliance, you can choose to use the mixer or electric rods so that the milk acquires the silky texture. In case you have an espresso machine -like those of the bars- with steam output, you can also choose to heat the milk and mount the foam with this method.


Next, you should add this frothy milk that you have managed to prepare in the cup or glass where you have prepared espresso coffee. You will see how the different parts will not mix, but that there will be differentiated colors between coffee and milk.


Finally, you just need to add to your cappuccino the vanilla To flavor it. In this way, you should add drops of vanilla concentrate to taste, depending on how intense you want it and, finally, place a sprig of vanilla in the glass or sprinkle vanilla powder.

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