How to peel garlic easily

Garlic It is one of the most present ingredients in world cuisine, serving to flavor a huge variety of dishes and even being the absolute protagonist in presentations such as garlic prawns, garlic rabbit or delicious Alioli sauce. But everyone who cooks with garlic knows that when it comes to peeling a large amount the process can become a tedious task, is there a way to do it quickly to save time? Yes! That's why we explain how to peel garlic easily applying several tricks.

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Crush garlic with knife

Crushing garlic with the knife to get rid of your skin is one of the techniques most commonly used by chefs around the world, being a really effective solution.

For peel the garlic easily It is convenient to choose a knife that has a wide blade, then you should simply place the garlic under the blade and give a dry blow with your hand, but without applying too much force. This will cause the garlic to crush slightly and the skin can be detached with a simple touch, without major efforts.


Peel garlic easily with microwave

Another ideal technique for peel garlic is to use the microwave to soften the skin. It is advisable to put the garlic about 10 seconds for each tooth in the microwave, that is, if there are 5 teeth you should put them about 50 seconds or 1 minute depending on the power of your device.

When the skin is removed, it will have dried by heat, making it very easy to remove, just press it by the tip and you will get it to slide simply.

Soak the garlic in water

If neither of the two techniques above satisfy you, there is one more that could be useful for peel garlic easily, it is about soaking the garlic in hot water for about 10 minutes before peeling them.

The temperature of the water will cause the garlic skin to soften significantly, making it very easy to remove.

Remove the smell of garlic

No matter which of these techniques you use, it is almost certain that your hands will be smelling of garlic, which can be very unpleasant for some people. If you want to avoid this "side effect" when handling this food, we explain how to remove the smell of garlic from your hands effectively, a trick that will surely be very useful after peeling.

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