How to eat more fruit

Did you know that a research team from the University College of London ensures that you consume seven pieces of fruit and vegetables a day significantly reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease? So, if so far many thought it was difficult to reach the recommended five, imagine how complicated it will be to reach seven. In we advise you How to eat more fruit.

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Start the day with energy: Add fruit to your breakfast. For example, if you usually take cereals, cut a sliced ​​banana and incorporate it. Or make yourself a delicious natural orange juice, an incredible source of vitamin C.


Between hours, eat more fruit: change habits and, when the bug bites you, change the bread sticks, pastries or potatoes for a piece of fruit. In addition to being much healthier, it will satisfy you much more with an infinitely lower number of calories.


Learn to make recipes with fruits: the sweetness of the fruit combines very well with some salty dishes, giving them a unique touch. Dare to incorporate fruits into your recipes: chops with orange, salad with pear, chicken with pineapple, a delicious melon with ham ...


Occasionally, change the water for juice. If you are one of those who have a hard time drinking fruit, you can make great and refreshing juices and, one day, instead of accompanying the food with water, do it with watermelon juice, or melon.


The best dessert, a good piece of fruit. Too many times, we get so full eating, we decided not to have dessert. Ideally, get used to leaving a hole for a piece of fruit.

We hope that with all these recommendations you will be encouraged to consume more fruit. Visit our section of fruits and vegetables To know more recipes.

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