How to choose a ripe avocado


Avocado It is a fruit native to countries in South America, but its consumption has already spread throughout the world. Something completely understandable if we consider its magnificent nutritional properties, and is that it is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, in minerals such as iron, magnesium or potassium and in fiber; which makes it a very effective food to combat cell aging and keep the body in an optimal state of health. However, so that its consumption is pleasant and enjoyed, it is convenient to take into account some recommendations when buying it and avoid acquiring those avocados that are still too green. Keep reading this article to know in detail how to choose a ripe avocado And good quality.

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Check the skin of the avocado

If what you want is to buy an avocado that is already ripe because you are going to consume it in the next meal or you will use it in the following recipe, it is recommended that you look at the appearance of your skin when you go to buy it, because this can give you a slight idea of ​​the state of maturation in which the fruit is found.

On the one hand, you should know that avocados are in a good ripeness when his skin is uniform completely, it has no spots, marks, blackheads or other imperfections. Avoid, above all, choosing avocados with areas or spots that are too dark, as this could be an indicator that you have suffered blows or that you have excessively mature spots.

Although each avocado variety can have a slightly different color shell, usually those that have a darker tone They are the most mature. It is not advisable to choose avocado with a very clear and bright skin.

Press the avocado

One of the simplest and most reliable methods to choose a ripe avocado and not to be mistaken, is that of check your firmness by feeling it With our hands And it is that as with other fruits, immature avocados until after being picked, so that those that are fresh can be very hard.

The process that you have to carry out is very simple, then we detail all the Steps:

  1. Hold the avocado with the palm of your hand. Avoid doing it with your fingertips, because then you could damage the fruit.
  2. Exert slight pressure on the avocado with the palm of the hand and the base of the fingers.
  3. If the avocado is ripe, it should yield at minimal pressure. That is, the shell should sink lightly, but at no time be hollowed out.
  4. In the event that after pressing it, there are marks on the avocado, this will mean that it has been damaged, as it will be soft and too ripe.
  5. If, when pressed, you notice that the avocado is very firm, then it will mean that it has not yet fully matured.

To avoid possible mistakes, we advise you to exert that slight pressure on several different points of the avocado, so you can check its firmness more effectively. In addition, you can also shake it and see if the bone inside moves slightly, since this will mean that it is more than ready to eat.

Look at the stem

The following trick can be put into practice once you have bought the avocado and want to verify that it is ripe and in perfect condition for consumption. In this case, you will have to focus your attention on the stem of the fruit, because this will easily help you differentiate between a ripe avocado and a very green avocado.

First, hold the avocado stem between the index and thumb fingers and remove it with a quick and firm gesture. If you could remove the stem easily and without any problem, The avocado is ripe. Now, if, on the contrary, you cannot remove the stem with your fingers and what you need is a knife for it, then that avocado is not yet at the optimum point to eat it.

Subsequently, you can also look at the color that is observed under the stem. In case the avocado has a light yellow or brown color, you should wait because it is not yet ripe. On the other hand, if your color is pale green, you are ready to eat.

Avocado weight

Finally, at the moment of deciding between buying an avocado or another, we advise you to check your weight beforehand.

Decline for the one who have a greater weight, so you can have more pulp and enjoy a greater amount of this fruit in your meals or recipes.

How to make an avocado ripen

Is it too late and have you bought avocados that are not yet ripe? Do not worry! There are several methods that you can easily carry out at home to accelerate its maturation process and be able to eat it as soon as possible:

  • Place the avocado in a paper bag or on a newspaper next to an apple or a banana and place the bag in a place at room temperature away from direct light. Both apple and banana contain ethylene, an agent that accelerates ripening.
  • In case you have already cut the avocado and have verified that it is not ripe yet, apply a little lemon juice with a brush on the pulp of the two halves to prevent it from rusting. Then, fit the two halves by closing the avocado and wrap it with plastic wrap or put it in a vacuum sealed plastic bag. Place it in the fridge until it has just matured.

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