How to make a fideuá quickly

Is fideuá recipe It is ideal to prepare when we have guests or simply enjoy a purely Mediterranean dish. It is a very recipe easy to prepare and allow variations with others fish Y seafood. It can also be done with other types of noodles, but personally, No. 2 is the one that works best for me, although everything goes according to the taste of each one. With this article you will be able to prepare a Fideuá exquisite and very quick to make.

Medium difficulty Ingredients:
  • 300 g of noodles
  • 1 sepia
  • 200 g peeled shrimp
  • Fish soup
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Mayonnaise or Alioli
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In a casserole with olive oil we fry 4 cloves of garlic Whole until golden brown, but it is important that they do not burn as the oil would taste bad.


They are then taken out of the pan and incorporate the noodles spinning them continuously until they are golden, and they are reserved.


In another separate casserole, sepia is fried, when it is a little soft, the peeled prawns. If they are already cooked, with two minutes of cooking there will be enough; in case of not being, they are left a little more.


Are incorporated noodles circling with a wooden spoon, and then add the fish soup -that we will have boiled previously- and leave it on the fire for about 15 minutes


It is removed from the heat and left covered for about 5 minutes to rest and you can already serve the fideuá accompanied by mayonnaise or aioli sauce.

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  • The noodles to make this fast fideuá have to be number 2.