How to have a healthy breakfast

Breakfast It is one of the most important meals of the day and if you care to eat healthy take care of yourself you must pay attention to some guidelines that will be great for you start the day eating well. Because eating healthy will make you feel good and will help you maintain or even lose your weight if that's what you want. we explain how to eat healthy breakfast and get to improve your quality of life.

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Have a good breakfast It is crucial to start your daily routine with energy and energy, so do not make the mistake of eating anything and also in a hurry. If you do not eat breakfast properly within a few hours you will begin to feel unwell and you will have very little strength to face the day. This affects our concentration and our mood, due to the shortage of glucose needed to produce energy that helps us keep our brain and body active.

A good breakfast gives you essential minerals and vitamins to spend all day with good performance, and if you eat healthy you will keep your weight within normal, because you will not spend the morning pecking food with little nutritional contribution and you will not get to the main meal starving and wanting to eat everything in your path.


It is highly recommended to start the day with a orange, lemon or grapefruit juice, and even with some white tea accompanied by apple. It is a good combination that can also replace coffee If you don't like it especially.

For a healthy breakfast you must have fruits, so remember to eat a piece of fruit or a freshly squeezed and pulp natural juice. You can take with the fruit whole grains Due to its high fiber content, it will help you eliminate excess sugar and fat from the body, improve intestinal transit and keep you more satiated. A breakfast should always include carbohydrates but you have to choose the most favorable ones, you should never choose very elaborate refined cereals. As suitable alternatives you have oatmeal, barley or even whole wheat bread. In our article how to eat oatmeal we give you some ideas to consume it properly.


To start your day with a healthy breakfast you should not combine salty with sweetIt is not recommended because the stomach may end up resentful. The sugar in the fruit is easy to digest and does not remain much in the body, but if we add more dense and salty food, then the glucose in the fruit is stored and can cause inflammation.

Dairy products of animal origin are better replaced by others of vegetable type, the options are varied and delicious. Traditional dairy products cause very heavy digestions and there are many studies that talk about the negative effects of milk: inflammations, migraines, intolerances, increased mucus, etc. Can drink oatmeal, almond or soy milk. It is recommended to drink a glass of milk with coffee or a yogurt mixed with whole grains and chopped fruit that you like.


If you have toast breakfast, you can accompany them with a tablespoon of olive oil, natural tomato and a little salt. You should never take pastries, or accompany the bread with jams or butters. You can also eat two toasts of whole wheat bread with a couple of slices of turkey or chicken breast, opt for a light cheese such as cottage cheese or cottage or make a sandwich with these ingredients that will help you keep satiated and full of energy.

And finally, remember to leave home with your body well hydrated. This is basic for proper functioning of the brain and to release toxins. Take a couple of glasses of mineral water during breakfast or you can mix it with lemon or orange juice if it is very acidic, so you will get the hydration you need.

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